Keeping Our Villages Clean

We are all doing our best to keep Wigsley, Harby and Thorney clean of rubbish. Many of us regularly walk our public footpaths and collect litter, knowing that with every litter collection trip there is less chance that new rubbish will appear. At the end of the day, it’s harder to dump trash in a beautiful litter-free countryside (not for everyone, though, admittedly).

The huge strides we need to create the clean villages we all want to see, will be made up of small individual steps. Picking up a single piece of litter could be your first step.

Here are some of our recent images of rubbish that you have sent to us. Thank you everyone. Please keep these coming!

16 March 2021, Thorney
Our litter pickers, Bernard & Ann sent through all the rubbish they collected over a week in Thorney. Rubbish included 4 empty glass bottles (2x vodka, 1x whisky & 1x milk bottle which has now been disposed of at local bottle bank), plastic food trays, fish & chips wrapping, McDonald bag plus wrappers inside, 3x drinks cans, Cornish pasty wrapper, wrappers from 2 packets of biscuits, numerous small  bits of plastic including pieces of netting (possibly from pallet loads as heavy vehicles drive through the village) and a chunk of some sort of insulating material. 😞

6 March 2021, Wigsley
So. Much. Rubbish. 😭 Today we ventured to the other end of our village, North Scarle Road. It took us less than 10 minutes to fill up a 30l bag. Plastic, plastic and more plastic and then some more. Also some drink cans, glass bottles and cardboard. We left at least four times more litter behind as we had no more space left in our bag. We plan to venture there again next weekend to collect more and check out just how much new litter has appeared since our visit today!

2 March 2021, Wigsley
Rubbish picked up in Wigsley by Karen and Mark Laker, today with the help of their dogs. Their helpers were very enthusiastic about finding a piece of litter (and receiving a treat as a reward of course!). They have found several drink cans, plastic bottles, a takeaway box and lots of small pieces of plastic.

2 March 2021, Thorney
Rubbish picked up in Thorney by their excellent litter pickers Bernard and Anne. It included bits of plastic, a Costa cup, a crisp packet, 4 cigarette butts, Morrisons paper bag with a half eater pork pie inside and an unopened packet of brown sauce!

25 February 2021, Thorney
Rubbish picked up in Thorney today by our regular litter pickers Ann & Bernard. They walk round Thorney every day picking up a small amount of litter every day. Today’s rubbish included blue wrappers for disposable plastic gloves, a cigarette packet (Sterling) plus a quantity of plastic netting.

25 February 2021, Wigsley
Rubbish found: metal cans (Red Bull, Fosters, Stella Artois), crisp packs (Mini Cheddars), plastic bottle (Lucozade), sweets wrappers (Cadburys), broken plastic pieces.

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