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Welcome to our WH&T Going Green Resource Hub. Here we share resources and information to help us all learn more about our environment and how to achieve more sustainable living in our local community.

Sustainability, Waste & Recycling

The extraction and processing of natural resources to make the products we buy produces a large amount of greenhouse gases. Buying less, reusing, repairing and then recycling is something we all need to do more of.

Trees and Nature Conservation

Newark and Sherwood’s natural inheritance is one of its more precious and valued assets. Trees are vital in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Discover more about the NSDK’s tree planting programme.

WH&T Going Green Eco Living Blog

We share ideas and inspiration in our weekly blogs. Sign up for new eco living ideas delivered regularly to your inbox and explore the many small steps we can take together to reduce our environmental impact.

Ever wondered what happens to your recycled items? Veolia Nottinghamshire operates a £14 million Materials Recovery Facility in Forest Town, near Mansfield, central Nottinghamshire. It has the capacity to sort 85,000 tonnes of Nottinghamshire’s recyclable waste each year and contributes significantly towards achieving the county’s ambitious recycling targets.

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