The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for

The writer Ernest Hemingway is known for his economical and understated style. Taken out of context he echoes what we are feeling in wanting to be green. However, in fact, his emphasis is about fighting

I researched fighting in the dictionary and the majority of the definitions sounded aggressive or us versus them; A battle of opposing sides.

The crux of the matter is that we – every single person, company, government and country need to be united in order to keep ‘this earth as a fine place.’

Maybe the fight is within ourselves, as we have many habits and traditions that need to be changed to make the changes the world needs.

An example is Amazon. This company provides an amazing service giving us the things we think we need the very next day. No questions about if we really need it, there’s no need to plan ahead for things we might need and there is no understanding of the environmental impact it may have.

At a company level Amazon falls short on many ethical policies but specifically  it has been criticised for “helping fossil fuel companies accelerate and expand oil and gas extraction” in 2019, after it was revealed to have been offering special technology services to fossil fuel companies including Shell and BP.

(Source Ethical Consumer

The conflict is between living, growing and surviving day-to-day and finding other ways or companies who can provide what we need.

No matter how we fight against the huge conglomerates, they will keep doing what they do while they are making a profit.

We need to find a way for them to listen, to believe that their actions will affect their base line profits. My limited pocket probably won’t make a difference, but hopefully the knowledge that people are looking for other ways because of the global impact they make may, help them change their ways.

Meanwhile, in our house we will continue to ‘fight’ for this fine Earth by shopping with the Ethical companies we have found.

We have subscribed to the Ethical Consumer which provides ethical information. It is the first point of call if we are going to buy anything. They use the subscription monies to investigate and ask the questions that can be hard to find answers to and ask questions we didn’t know we needed to consider.

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