Water, a most precious gift 💧

Author: Clare Welfare We are currently experiencing one of the hottest spells of weather across Europe and with the temperature gauge recording unprecedented levels of heat in the UK, we are told this is the shape of things to come due to global warming. At a time like this our natural reaction is to perhapsContinue reading “Water, a most precious gift 💧”

How to bee good 🐝 

Author: Katerina Pickup Today is the National Don’t Step on a Bee Day and as I love seeing bees in our garden, I took time to learn a little bit more about them and to share a few facts about these wonderful, hard-working creatures with you! You might find this surprising if not shocking but without theContinue reading “How to bee good 🐝 “

WH&T to Read

I receive a lot of useful information in my email inbox as a subscriber to the various green sites & organisations. Unfortunately some ‘green’ retailers are so keen to sell their products that I have to unsubscribe before I’m tempted into buying something I’ve previously done without. If their product & processes are green, IContinue reading “WH&T to Read”

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth

We hope you had a lovely Easter break. Everyone who completed the Nature Hunt found it an enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding exercise. In fact, one of our members saw something special. Although it was aimed at Easter, the form is still accessible and we’re happy to have more results sent in. A representative of NottsContinue reading “It doesn’t have to cost the Earth”

Happy Easter

Easter is traditionally a time to think of renewal or rebirth and in our group that encourages us to think about the connection to recycling and nature.  The group are finding out a lot about recycling. There are many items that currently go in waste bins that could be recycled if separated from general waste;Continue reading “Happy Easter”