WH&T is going on?

Thanks to all who have joined us. Whilst we want to pass on as much information that we can about going green we appreciate that you may not have time to read all we pass on to you.

The two current issues that may be of interest to you are:

New WRAP Food Waste Acton Week Monday 1 to Sunday 7 March 2021

Greenpeace release supermarket plastic league table

Please click on the link to read more about them.

Personally I have a just slimmed down my subscription emails as my brain can not take in all the information. I still don’t actually read many fully but just by seeing the titles and introduction gives me a heads up on the most pressing.

I think part of why humans are in danger of destroying the planet is because we are so successful. One of the elements of that success is marketing. Sadly the marketing habit now creates headlines about products to buy to help the environment. In fact it is the opposite – the greatest thing we can do it nothing (or rather buy nothing).

Buying from ‘green’ companies goes a long way to create a more sustainable world but my inbox is too full of them suggesting the things I need, hence the slim down.

Without some of the articles or blogs these companies produce I may not have become so focussed on changing. This group is hoping to save you some of that as part of your own green journey.

Please help us by commenting on what you’ve liked, what was not for you, if you want us to give more or less information.

If you have no time for reading every blog, don’t worry a lot of the topics will come up again and you’ll find your own way of being green. Please do keep following and passing the word on.

The next thing to keep an eye open for is Earth Hour Saturday 27 March https://www.earthhour.org/take-part

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