We are not alone

I’m unashamedly directing you to another blog in advance of Earth Hour:

Saturday, March 27 at 8:30 pm

I confess we haven’t planned our hour yet but I can guarantee Mark won’t be in favour of the board games option.

Socially distanced Scrabble in the dark anyone??

As usual we would love to hear about how you’ve chosen to participate or let us know after how it went.

Dogs amongst the daffodils in Mill Lane

Keep an eye open for our Easter Hunt – think bird watch but its all about the abundance of nature we can see around Wigsley, Thorney and Harby.

The event is now listed on our website. To download the pdf checklist go to  https://whtgoinggreen.org/projects/ 

To be honest dogs aren’t on the list but daffodils are 🙂

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