It doesn’t have to cost the Earth

We hope you had a lovely Easter break. Everyone who completed the Nature Hunt found it an enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding exercise. In fact, one of our members saw something special.

Although it was aimed at Easter, the form is still accessible and we’re happy to have more results sent in.

A representative of Notts Wildlife Trust is coming for a look around the villages to help us learn where and what to plant and/or care for to ensure we maintain biodiversity in our endeavours to keep WH&T green.

Earlier this week I was delighted to see that the ‘Money Expert’ listed going green under his money saving choices. It’s a common misconception and often a deterrent, that being green is expensive.

Sainsburys in Lincoln is going to be one of the stores nationally to trial giving a 5p voucher for returning plastic bottle(s), (up to 500 bottles). Sainsburys is not the only supermarket to trial this idea, other initiatives are also cropping up. While this doesn’t seem much, it is a way of incentivising recycling and possibly a step towards creating better habits.

Meanwhile, our local glass recycling centre at the Bottle & Glass is still in place. With the refurbishments it appears harder to find, but it’s where it always was at the top of the car park on the right. It’s also nice to know that eating or drinking in our local can be better for the environment than a throw away picnic or drive through. That’ll be our excuse if you happen to see us there (it’s in walking distance too).

The UK is now moving through the steps to get back to ‘normal’ after Covid and much is being done to get the economy moving again. It is easy to want to relax and get back to our good old lives, but it’s important to know that the world is still facing a global crisis – climate change.

There are more occasions that draw attention to the climate crisis and this week there is Earth Day on 22 April.

I was sent an email pointing me in the direction of an article originally posted by The Ethical Consumer in 2019. There is still a lot of pertinent actions available and you will see a theme from the money saving list too.

It is worth having a look – some ideas are not for everyone, but there are enough there that hopefully you will feel that there at least one change you can make towards being green(er).

It is as important as ever to ensure the people in power feel supported in any actions they do to prevent continual abuse of this planet. Possibly they also need to know what we don’t want them to continue on the road that is leading us to disaster. If you’re interested in understanding how lobbying or connecting with the right organisations can help please contact us. Future blogs will also have more information too.

Wigsley Village Noticeboard displaying the daffodils planted last year

Thank you for reading and we’re happy to hear from you about anything mentioned in our blogs especially of any way you thing we can add to WH&T going green.

The next major project to watch out for is the big villages clear up on Sunday 23 May – volunteers needed.

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