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I receive a lot of useful information in my email inbox as a subscriber to the various green sites & organisations. Unfortunately some ‘green’ retailers are so keen to sell their products that I have to unsubscribe before I’m tempted into buying something I’ve previously done without.

If their product & processes are green, I add those to favourites on my search engine (Ecosia) and unsubscribe.

I am keen to use reliable sources and I consider what benefit the giver of information is getting.

A surprising new resource I’ve discovered is a monthly email from Nottingham CC Waste and Recycling

This email reminded me that June 16th is National Refill Day organised by Refill. Check out their website for reasons to refill. It’s an easy to read site with well worded explanations of why we need to cut back on resources.

With the holiday season approaching and increased drives to see our loved ones, I will be needing to use motorway services. I have to be very insistent to ensure I don’t get a huge handful of napkins, condiments in throw away packets and plastic cutlery. I carry my own knives, forks and cloth napkins, but at busy times the people serving seem to be in a loop that caters for convenient travelling food in single-use packaging with no time to pay attention to different requests.

We try to use Farm Shops or National Trust sites that have a cafe as it is better to stop and have a proper sit down in a cafe using proper plates etc.

Refill have an App that links you to your nearest place to either fill up your water bottle or find places to eat that are doing it with less waste. I can log each time I use a refill station for water or food which will illustrate to me my saving and add to their grand total. I can ensure the places that are making a green statement get my business. Hopefully this will add to the feel good factor of thinking green at all times instead of the sadness and guilt around tradition pit stops. It will also send a message to the companies that aren’t doing what they can to change in order to keep their customers.

The other highlight of June is Father’s Day, Sunday 20 June. Gifts are another area where I find myself stepping outside my green comfort zone. They’re a minefield, so I really enjoyed the Notts CC Waste and Recycling email thought:

Why not opt for an eco-friendly gift for dad, uncle, grandad or the special man in your life?!

Here’s some ideas for sustainable gifts instead of the usual socks or chocolates:

• Subscription to a local Wildlife Trust

• Garden Centre vouchers

• Solar powered torch or radio

• Reusable travel mug

• Adoption of an endangered animal

• Organic indoor herb growing kit

Other football teams are available 🙂

Some good ideas there. The email also gives details of where to find information on make do and mend.

Just before covid hit I bought a pair of lounge trousers for my Dad in his favourite Tottenham strip. They were far too long for him so my creative and talented niece used the bottoms to make his own special face mask.

Smiles all round – albeit hidden by the masks 🙂

Have a look at the WH&T Going Green Facebook Page for lots of ideas to be more green – whatever your skill level. I think you may need to answer a couple of questions to join but it’ll be worth it.

We need to keep asking ourselves questions to find ways to change to a more sustainable lifestyle to avoid a climate disaster.

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